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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a custom order take? 

Our normal wait times are 6-8 weeks.  Your item may only take a few days to build, but there is a list of other customers who also have items being built.  Some times of the year are busier than others, fall award orders and the holiday season wait times can be longer.  And please note  6-8 weeks is an estimate...  we may get it done sooner and it might be a week over.  One thing we can promise... our items are worth the wait. 

Do you offer sponsorships?

Yes & No.  YES, we sometimes choose individuals or associations that we have a personal connection to, whether it be a local cause, or a college that were alumni of, or perhaps someone we see working hard who we feel would benefit our business by promoting our products at barrel races and events. Someone who is a current customer that has used and believes in our products.  And NO, to anyone asking for free stuff via Instagram or FaceBook.  We will politely decline.  We are flooded daily with requests for people wanting free tack, money, etc..  There is no possible way we could give things away to everyone that asked and still stay in business.  

Do you offer a warranty on your tack?

We handle returns, refunds & warranties on a case by case basis.  Rarely do we have customer returns, but if an issue should arise, we will do everything we can to fix it.  If your tack looses any crystals, stones, or spots, you are more than welcome to send it back to us and we will replace the ones lost.  If you tie your horse up with a leather halter on and it pulls back & breaks it, we will try to fix it or rebuild it. We may have to charge a repair fee depending on the damage and amount of work involved.  Custom items are typically not returnable... If you order a personalized tack set, we can't sell that to anyone else, so they are yours to keep.

Can you make custom sized tack? 

YES... But, If your headstall requires a shorter crown, cheeks, or your breast collar requires longer/shorter tugs..  it is YOUR responsibility to give us exact measurements, in inches. If you don't give us the measurements, we will ship a standard cheek 9.5" and our standard crown 27".  If you custom order measurements & they don't fit... we can make additional replacements.  However, there will be a charge for them.  

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